• About the trust
  • Pacific Assets Trust plc

    Aims to achieve long-term capital growth through investment in selected companies in the Asia Pacific region and the Indian sub-continent, excluding Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

    We believe our job is to entrust our clients’ capital to good quality companies with strong management teams and sound long-term growth prospects.

    Each investment is a decision to purchase part of a real business with all the rights and responsibilities that go with this ‘share’ of the ownership of the company. We take these rights and responsibilities seriously and each team member signs the Hippocratic Oath as a sign of our commitment. We also believe the way we behave as investment professionals and the role we play in the broader industry are important for our own sustainability.

    All the Stewart Investors investment strategies strive to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into every investment decision. Our sustainability strategies take this one step further by focusing on long-term sustainability themes as a key driver of the investment process. We manage investment strategies for clients through pooled funds and client mandates.