They aim to invest in companies which contribute to, and benefit from, the sustainable development of the Asia Pacific Region.

The Sustainable Funds Group at Stewart Investors believe that sustainability is a driver of investment returns and that fully incorporating sustainability into the investment process is the best way to protect and grow their clients’ capital over the long-term. 

The investment process is focused on the quality and sustainability positioning of individual companies, which includes an assessment of a company's management, financials and franchise.

The integrity and stewardship of company management is central to the assessment of quality. Similarly, all Stewart Investors investment team members sign their Hippocratic Oath, which includes the commitment to act in the interests of their clients and society in that they will not pursue risk adjusted returns to the extent that their actions will knowingly harm others.

The portfolio manager of the Company is
David Gait, supported by Douglas Ledingham

David Gait

David is Head of the Sustainable Funds Group and a Portfolio Manager. He sits on the Stewart Investors Board. David joined the team as a graduate in 1997.

He is lead manager of Asia Pacific Leaders Sustainability and Asia Pacific Sustainability strategies, as well as Pacific Assets Investment Trust.

David holds an MA with honours in Economics from Cambridge University, and holds a Master of Science in Investment Analysis from Stirling University.

Douglas Ledingham

Douglas is a Portfolio Manager with the Sustainable Funds Group at Stewart Investors. He joined the team in October 2013, having been an intern with Stewart Investors during 2013.

Douglas is lead manager of the Asia Pacific and Japan Sustainability strategy.

He holds an MA in Business Studies and Accountancy from the University of Edinburgh.

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